Ten Smart Ways to Save Money on Print Procurement in 2010

   Think about $150 billion! That is what organizations spend on printing in the United States each year. If 25% to 45% of that could be saved annually, that would be $37.5 billion to $67.5 billion that could be redirected for other purposes such as new jobs, new facilities, employee health care, product development, debt reduction, etc. - even good old fashioned profit.

Without a change in print procurement methodologies and management tools this level of print procurement cost reduction is simply not attainable. Yet U.S. patented procurement procedures are available to make 25% to 45% savings a reality without compromising quality or delivery requirements. The patented methodology strengthens the procurement process by pre-qualifying the buyer's print suppliers, matching suppliers to only jobs they can perform and creating a competitive bidding environment. Every detail from design to delivery is tracked and documented, and 100% transparency is provided. Embracing this approach should be a new year's resolution for every C-suite occupant.

As a matter of background, let's define print. Often the only items to be considered print are business cards, stationery and copies. Not so, as any item where upon ink is applied to its substrate is print, such as when ink is applied to paper or information is applied to a CD ROM. Examples of print include direct mail, brochures, catalogues, financial documents, annual reports, advertising circulars, point-of-purchase displays https://www.sourcing-force.com/, labels and marketing materials. Print also includes creative services, customized packaging, premiums or ad specialties, fulfillment services and all other items where information is placed on a substrate.

So what are excess print expenditures costing you? Print usage varies widely from organization to organization, but on average print spend accounts for about 3% of operating revenues. Doctors, lawyers and other licensed professionals typically spend less than 1%. Others, like those who depend heavily on direct mail or those in the food processing or packaging businesses, spend 5% to 20% (or more) of their operating revenues on print.

Because the savings are there to be had, savvy executives are analyzing their print spends like never before, centralizing print procurement policy making and identifying print as a line item on profit and loss statements. They also are applying 10 best practices to achieve maximum new methodology benefits:

1. Creating a pre-qualified supplier pool in which all suppliers are uniformly and objectively evaluated. This allows the buyer to hand pick suppliers and limit the pool to just those with which the buyer has done business. Other suppliers can be added, but the key is objectively qualifying each supplier in the pool as integral to quality control. You only want suppliers bidding on your projects that have proven that they can deliver quality work on time.

2. Creating thorough bid specifications with full details before an invitation for bid is sent to pre-qualified suppliers in the supplier pool. It is essential for specifications to be complete prior to final award of the job so expensive changes are avoided later. This allows suppliers to price accurately and best to determine when there will be a production opening for doing the job.

3. Creating a fair bidding environment in which the computer matches project specifications to supplier attributes to determine objectively which pre-qualified suppliers are capable of doing the work. With detailed project and supplier data, the computer can automatically match each project available for bid with only those suppliers with matching capabilities. This levels the playing field.

4. Creating efficiencies to save time and money. Since critical data already is in the computer, the buyer does not have to "reinvent the wheel" each time a project is put out for bid.

5. Creating mutual acceptance of the process whereby every supplier in the pool knows that it can bid low on any project without setting future expectations and new price levels. Suppliers will reduce their prices when they have open production time provided they are not expected to bid the same low price even when they are busy.

6. Calling for and awarding bids in a timely manner so the winning supplier will hold a production slot for the project, schedule staff, prepare equipment, order materials and make other preparations required to do the work. Suppliers learn that performance is required to receive opportunities, while price is the criteria to win projects.

7. Establishing full transparency by sending bid results to all suppliers that submitted a bid. This not only creates greater credibility for the buyer among suppliers, it promotes improved competition.

8. Monitoring every step of the workflow process to ensure clear communications, attention to every detail and a deliverable end product. This must begin with the conceptualization of the project and continue through edits, changes, reporting, production, packaging and delivery.

9. Ensuring that work is performed per specifications and on time. By establishing full accountability, the buyer is protected against delays that could cause artificial pricing hedges in future bids from the winning supplier.

10. Completing the project with accurate invoicing. By making sure the invoice is complete, correct, agreed upon and reconciled, before being sent to accounts receivable, extra charges are not overlooked and erroneously paid.

A question that is sometimes asked is how it benefits suppliers if suppliers are being cut throat competitive in order to fill downtime. The answer is that suppliers increase their own bottom line profitability by 10% to 15% of revenue when participating in this type environment. Remember, the alternative is to allow downtime to sit idle resulting in no income. Because the buyer is inviting only trusted suppliers to compete for the print work, it is a win-win for all involved.

About William Gindlesperger, Chairman and CEO of e-LYNXX Corporation

Mr. Gindlesperger is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, inventor, author and consultant in print and procurement. He founded ABC Advisors and its successor, e-LYNXX Corporation, in 1975. Print buyers and suppliers alike have benefited from his insight and innovation.

Mr. Gindlesperger has testified before the U. S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration regarding government print and procurement policy. He also has worked directly with numerous Congressional and Senatorial members and staff and has advised Congress on the development, operations and future of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). print procurement and the federal print program in general.

He has been recognized for his contributions to PIA and services to the printing industry. He was inducted into PIA's Ben Franklin Honor Society of print industry leaders in 2009 for his lifetime contributions to the print industry.

Mr. Gindlesperger invented the methodology that optimizes cost reduction in the procurement of specification-defined goods and services. He has been granted two separate business method patents by the U.S. Patent Office, first for the competitive procurement of print and then for the competitive procurement of all customized and specification-defined goods and services.

HTC Smart - The 'Easily' Smart Device

HTC Smart is another Smart Phone launched by HTC, which focuses greatly in ease of operation as against highly technical features that get incorporated in the phones these days; that people do not even know how to use them. This phone runs on the Brew operating system from Qualcomm. This operating system enables you to add widgets on the main screen of the phone and at the same time trying to keep the menus very simple. For the people who like iPhone or Android Mobile, but want an affordable version of that phone, they can invest in the HTC Smart.

This modest little touch screen device runs the 'Sense' user interface that is prevalent in the other HTC phones like HTC Hero, It has 256MB internal memory with 3 megapixel camera, and micro SD Slot for memory expansion. The standby battery time of over 600 hrs is truly amazing. The astounding features of the phone might make you feel that the price would be very expensive, but this is a reasonably affordable phone owing to the Qualcomm operating system. The HTC Smart Contract deals further make this easier to buy. The deals for this phone can come in the form of cash backs, free gifts and discounted prices.

The HTC Smart Phone can be truly personalized in accordance to the state of mind and your physical being at all the times. It can strike a very good balance between your productive side and the recreational aspects of your life. If you are busy during the week, then the menus on the home screen like the emails, calendar, web browser and contacts can help you to ease out of that. However; if you are in a playful mood during the weekends then the phone can be geared to reflect that aspect too, bringing music, camera and games to the forefront. There are even scenes that can be personalized to reflect your distinctive personalized style. Therefore one can say that this smart phone actually brings out the fun aspect in your personality too.

The panels in this phone are so smartly organized that all your conversations with your friends are neatly organized under their pictures. You do not have to open thousand applications to look through all your interactions with any particular friend or client of yours. Be it any message through emails, Face book or texts, the preview gives you a single view of all your interactions. That can really facilitate your interaction with clients when all the fact would be directly in front of you while conversing with them. The Smart Features of the device gets further highlighted by the fact that a single touch in the phone can turn your phone into landscape mode for a better view while browsing the net. At the same time the Smart zoom enlarges the screen and reflows the text for easy reading experience. Now all these smart features in this commendable little touch screen device is certainly making this phone favourite of people from all walks of life!

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In this handset the user will get everything that he needs from stunning looks to latest features. The handset has a 2.8 inch TFT resistive touchscreen supporting 256K colors and features like Sense UI that makes the display of the handset very attractive. Measuring 104 x 55 x 12.8 mm the handset weights 108g that makes it lighter and easy to carry. There is 256 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM and external memory slot that supports a memory space up to 16GB so you get ample space to store your files and data. The 3.15MP camera with video capability and LED flash gives clear picture even in dark background. The handset works on Brew Mobile Operating System and has a 300 MHz processor. The HTML browser gives problem free internet access no matter where you go so you are always and connected and updated https://smart-contract.com/. There many messaging facilities provided in the handset like SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM so you can send text messages to your family and friends. For music lovers the handset provides a music player and Stereo FM radio with RDS that gives you music 24x7 and preloaded games looks after your entertainment. The handset gives a battery back up of Up to 7 h 30 min in 2G and Up to 6 h 10 min in 3G networking.

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Contract phone deal has their specific group of users. Business users mostly follow this deal as they found his deal a perfect one for them. This deal doesn't require to get phone account recharged time to time. Users are free to make calls, messages or other phone service provided by the network provider without any hassle. Contact phones can also be called as pay monthly phones due to pay monthly nature of bills. As discussed above that users can get the chance to get free gifts with contract phone deal, it doesn't mean that free gifts either TV, laptop or any other do not come from any reputed brand. They all belongs to such brand which have higher market value.

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